Worldwide, leadership is broken, allowing global challenges like climate crisis to change our world forever.

In Australia, climate crisis has just removed the national government from office. The UN now believes that global societal collapse is a realistic possibility.

What the world needs is an exceptional new approach to leadership to meet the future turmoil of challenges like climate crisis. Stepping up to the realities of new Leadership is likely to be the greatest challenge we will ever face.

Earle de Blonville is Australia’s foremost thinker and practitioner on leadership for highly uncertain times. His expertise comes from extensive experience of expedition leadership in remote and dangerous regions; major event leadership; executive leadership coaching; and Harvard-based academic research into an entirely new theory of leadership.

He believes that one of the biggest 'Change-Thinking' obstacles we face is an entrenched $360 billion-a-year global ‘Leadership Industry’ that was never designed for today’s unfolding climate crises, but for a self-serving and complacent era of Business-As-Usual that is now long gone. Put simply, leadership is broken. It needs totally new thinking to fix it.

That said, 'broken' can be good, because it allows the light of new opportunities to shine through and challenge old certainties, asking much bigger questions that take us far beyond 1980's Business School 'curriculum leadership'. For example, how did mankind's leadership ability enable us to deal with past climate emergencies, such as global post-glacial flooding (400' of sea level rise), rapid Saharan desertification, and early pandemics (Chinese Black Death and Plague carried by Mongols)? There is much more to leadership than most of us realise.

But for now, this is the time for your organisation to start actively developing your people for the global disruption of challenges like climate crisis that will impact everyone on earth.

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