“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

- Professor Viktor Frankl: Holocaust Survivor & Viennese Psychotherapist

Earle works with senior executives and successful entrepreneurs wanting to develop their leadership potential for a rapidly changing world, and from competitive to inspirational roles, with increased meaning and purpose in their lives.

For example, as you face the midlife transition from competing to inspiring, your cultural leadership can deliver far more power for good than any other aspect of your career. Over time, your work may be forgotten, but the influence of your values and vision can live on in other people’s hearts because you gave them your faith and trust, and enabled them to find their own higher purpose.

His role is to help you create greater personal meaning and higher purpose in your life. His approach is suited to senior professionals, looking to leave a legacy and provide inspiration to their organisations, professions and families.

He supports his clients with an ‘expedition mindset’ of total commitment, which can involve some hard work and harder truths, as one client observed: “Believe you me, he will definitely take you out of your comfort zone and somewhere you never thought you could get to.”

Earle offers a free half hour online consultation to understand your situation and his suitability for your needs. If he's not suitable he may be able to recommend other coaches for you. His standard engagement is for 12 week program, of one hour a week of formal contact, designed to accommodate your needs into the program structure. Additional supporting phone contact is provided, as and when it's needed. The basic program can be enlarged to suit your circumstances. Many clients increase this initial program to two or more programs extending over a year.

Executive Testimonials

“I have acquired a sense of real strength and self-determination, and strongly recommend Earle as a senior executive leadership coach.” - Chief Operating Officer

"Earle brought incredible focus and insight to my leadership development that has allowed my ‘leader within’ to spring forth into action.” - Chief Information Officer

“Earle is an exceptional leadership coach and I recommend him highly to any leader who wants to move beyond leadership theory onto living and breathing as a leader.” - Managing Director

“Earle has been a great mentor with his thought-provoking ideas and wisdom that can only be extracted from true experience.” - Managing Partner

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