Few people understand what leadership is until they undergo the baptism of fire in real leadership situations, especially when it’s unexpected, with no exit and no backup.

Forget Business School fads and fashions. The reality is that under duress the human mind contracts to survive, and fashionable theories are forgotten. This is why climate crisis is now challenging old ideas of leadership and new practical thinking based on hard core experience is vital.

Earle offers you and your organisation lessons from real and often complex leadership situations encountered by him and other explorers in dangerous places far from civilisation and with no possibility of rescue. He adds to this with real world insights drawn from his executive leadership coaching.

Selected front-line leadership highlights:

Leader: First Australian Arctic expedition, East Greenland. 

A $2.5 million, 12-month project covering 5,800km in sea kayaks and yacht, from the Southern Ocean to the Arctic, via the UK, Ireland, Iceland and Greenland, with a nine-man team, including film crew. A one-hour TV documentary film was released internationally.

Leader: First British-Australian exploration cruise, Arctic. 

A 6,500km sailing voyage of exploration in Arctic Greenland and North Atlantic crossing.

Leader: First northerly sea kayak crossing, Bass Strait. 

A 350km sea voyage in traditional unassisted man-powered sea kayaks across one of the most dangerous navigable straits on earth, graveyard to over 1,000 vessels.

Leader: First Australian Expedition, West Greenland. 

Australia's first executive adventure for high net worth individuals, exploring 1,100km of rarely travelled Arctic coast with a multi-day ice-cap ascent.

Chief Leader: ANZSES Expedition, Granite Mountain. 

Scientific research of totally unexplored region of eastern mountains, with 30 scientists, support them and undergraduates. Produced the most successful ANXSES expedition to that time, setting new operational and reconnaissance standards.

Co-leader: First exploration, Quail Creek, Kimberley. 

A 10,000km expedition across Australia. First Europeans to reach Quail Creek in the Prince Regent River gorge, with Aboriginal guides, undertaking scientific research for the Museums of Victoria and Western Australia.

Co-Leader: First Sea Kayak Circumnavigation of Tasmania

A 70-day, 1,600km voyage covering one of the wildest west coasts on earth, surviving the biggest west coast storm in history.

Director: Australian Bicentenary Tall Ships spectacular. 

Biggest staged even in Victoria's history, involving 70 tall ships, 500 volunteers, 500 sailors, Councils, State and Federal Governments, where the Prime Minister officially opened Australia's year-long Bicentenary celebrations.

Topics tailored to your needs:

Earle is an experienced keynote and plenary speaker who wows audiences. He is also a lively, intelligent panellist with exceptional knowledge across a range of fields. He prepares thoroughly by researching his clients' industry sectors and operational environments to ensure his presentation meets their needs, plans and level of engagement. 

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Selected client reviews: 

“Held the audience in the palm of his hand. Very relevant for businesses encountering challenges in uncertain times. Amazing insights, inspirational.” - Switzer Group

“His amazing story of entrepreneurship and survival provided an inspirational link to the tenacity and perseverance required to be successful in business today." - Entrepreneurs Organisation

“Brought many of the key leadership conference themes to life. Engaging and memorable.” - National Australia Bank

"Changed my ideas of leadership. Took us to a totally different space. Challenges established models of leadership. A different way of thinking about leadership. Absolutely outstanding." - Clubs Australia

"Loved his views. Hugely admirable. Compelling. Inspirational. Empowering. Brilliant. Fascinating. Excellent." - Brighton Business Group

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