‘Earle helped me reduce complex challenges to concise issues. He is tenacious and challenging, holding you to account for action that gets the right results. I have acquired a sense of real strength and self determination and strongly recommend Earle as a senior executive leadership coach.’

- Belinda Gunton. COO, Konekt Workplace Health Solutions

‘Earle brought incredible focus and insight to my leadership development that has allowed my ‘leader within’ to spring forth into action. His personal style is a brilliant balance of confrontation and inspiration and I’m yet to discover anyone who compares as an inspiring and masterful mentor and coach.’
- Darren Heiberg. CIO, STA Travel

“Earle has been a great mentor with his thought-provoking ideas and wisdom that can only be extracted from true experience. His no-nonsense approach to problems is refreshing, and his unique ability to challenge conventional thought is invaluable.”

- Shelli Trung. Managing Partner, REACH, ANZ & ASEAN

“I approached Earle de Blonville after hearing him speak about his epic adventures in the Arctic. Hearing his first hand account of the leadership challenges he faced in some of the worst conditions imaginable motivated me to change my leadership style. Earle is an exceptional leadership coach and I recommend him highly to any leader who wants to move beyond leadership theory onto living and breathing as a leader.”

- Geoff Rosamond. Managing Director, Human Potential Consulting

“Earle is a highly regarded and inspirational executive coach, business mentor, trainer, facilitator and one of the very few true leadership thought-leaders in the Asia Pacific region. His approach and philosophy on leadership in the corporate world is nothing short of avant-garde. I would like to highly recommend Earle to any corporate or business clients thinking of engaging with him to provide fresh perspective, insight, real world combined with hard-core survival experience which he applies to leadership styles & approaches in a fresh and exciting way. Earle challenges the leadership paradigm, providing his clients with a new vision; whether on a one-on-one basis, for small group or company-wide leadership programs.”

- Kylie Hammond. CEO, Director Institute Australia