Leadership Consulting - Successful Assignments

1. Project Leadership: World Health Organisation 

- Creating leadership communication to support global healthcare enterprise.


- Competing Australian agencies agreed for the first time to work together.

- Problem evaluation shifted from technical/medical to purely strategic.

- Component strategies were defined with outcomes and agreed metrics.

- A 50% reduction was forecast on the original project timescale.

2. Stakeholder Leadership: IT infrastructure security float 

- Creating leadership & enterprise communication effectiveness to support IPO.


- Company won full stakeholder support for its name change on the ASX.

- Management communications reconfigured to support rapid growth.

- Offer closed early, 7 times oversubscribed giving market cap of $40 million.

- Company received a positive media blitz from the financial press.

- Share price jumped 30% on opening, and remained high.

3. Enterprise Leadership: Government-led growth 

- Leadership communications to support regional competitiveness.


- Fast track bureaucracy developed to secure multinational manufacturing bases.

- Victoria’s regional competitiveness strengthened with new export markets.

- Significant inward investment delivered, with greatly increased employment.

4. Pitch Leadership: Leading minerals producer 

- Communicating to fast-track a new national financial reporting system.


- The CFO’s pitch succeeded and the development program immediately started.

- Twelve months after implementation, $35 million in direct savings was achieved.

- Over 5 years, the benefit was predicted to be $160 million.

5. Merger Leadership: Professional services leader 

- Creating a post-merger leadership culture to support international growth.


- Exceptional improvements in business and pitching capacity generally.

- Evolution of pre-merger cultures into a post-merger leadership culture.

- Significantly better use of knowledge capital through cross-functional teamwork.

- Creation of a new leadership-aware language and client-focused approach.