"Earle's perspectives on leadership, which have been learnt at a most perilous coalface, were both intriguing as well as inspirational. The leadership lessons he offers are insightful and are very relevant for businesses encountering challenges in uncertain times. He held the audience in the palm of his hand and gave us some amazing insights into what it takes to create and lead a complex expedition, starting with no resources or experience."

- Peter Switzer.
Chairman, Switzer Advisory, Economic Advisors and boutique national Financial Services organisation.

"Earle's presentation on leadership and team management was undeniably compelling and thoroughly engaging. His amazing story of entrepreneurship and survival provided an inspirational link to the tenacity and perseverance required to be successful in business today."

- Chris Jacka. Director, South Pacific - Entrepreneurs Organisation, and

CEO, Sustainable Risk Management Australia

“Earle de Blonville is in my mind no doubt one of Australia's greatest explorers. His ideals and values of team building, motivation, perseverance, self belief & exploration have inspired many individuals, including myself, to achieve things they otherwise may not have thought they could do. The work he does outside his exploring is vital to any business. He is a fast and sharp thinker with a genuine interest in developing individuals in business to achieve the most they can. More importantly he is a down to earth, a top bloke and I thoroughly recommend him.”

- Justin Hickey. Co-Founder Miyagi Live, Connected Global Media, and the

Digital Elder group of companies (Google Partner).