Earle de Blonville, FRGS 

Explorer, Author, Educator, C-Suite Coach, Corporate Consultant.

Fellow: Royal Geographical Society, UK
Fellow: LAB, University of Catalonia, Spain
Adjunct Professional Fellow, SCU, Australia

Leader: First Australian Arctic Expedition, East Greenland
Leader: First British Australian Exploration Cruise, Arctic
Leader: First Australian Exploration, West Greenland
Chief Leader: ANZSES Expedition Granite Mountain
Director: Australian Bicentenary Tall Ships Spectacular

“Earle is one of the very few true leadership thought-leaders in the Asia Pacific region whose approach and philosophy on leadership in the corporate world is nothing short of avant-garde.” – Director Institute.

He is unique on the Leadership world stage for the breadth and depth of his practical leadership experience, gained over five decades (and several near-death experiences). Completing an adult-level Outward Bound program at just 16 years old, he moved to the UK to work as a professional mountain instructor in Scotland, the Lake District, and North Wales. His assignments included training long-term youth recidivists in sub-Arctic conditions, adventure mountain training for young industry leaders, and remote mobile expeditions with international participants, plus adventure curriculum development, adventure centre management and staff technical training.

“Earle de Blonville is a great, but unsung, Australian hero, with outstanding leadership qualifications." - Professor The Hon. Barry Jones, AC. Minister for Science 1983-90

His extensive field leadership experience includes adventures in the Himalayas, Greece, Austria, Italy and the Australian Alps, scientific expeditions in the Kimberley and East Gippsland, and multi-year maritime exploration of largely uncharted Arctic coasts in Greenland.

In the corporate sector, he has developed executive leadership education programs, consulted on leadership communications strategies, and coached many C-Suite executives to overcome career-challenging blockages. Earle’s extremely successful WIN program has transformed leadership culture and language to stimulate rapid growth for clients, and his crisis-based leadership consulting has produced remarkable success in a range of industry sector assignments. Earle's forthcoming Leadership Communication programs - exclusively for women - are planned to support the rapidly expanding presence of women in leadership.

“Earle brings incredible focus and insight to leadership development. I am yet to discover anyone who compares as an inspiring and masterful coach and mentor.” – Student Travel Australia

Earle is a former Adjunct Professor at IDEAS, SCU, NSW, and is now an Adjunct Professional Fellow at SCU; an appointed Fellow, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain; and since 1984 has been an elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London.

Awarded a Masters by Research (equivalence), by the School of Management, College of Business, RMIT University, Melbourne, for his extensive success in developing executive education programs, Earle set aside a planned Arctic expedition to enter a PhD program (currently deferred but with ongoing research) to develop a new theory of leadership based on 40 years of Harvard research into higher adult development and the new field of Postformal Psychology. This will have worldwide practical application, and is aimed at Leadership for futures of massive uncertainty during climate catastrophe. Earle has presented his early research findings as an invited plenary speaker at international conferences in Germany and Romania.

“Earle’s remarkably diverse leadership experiences have direct analogies to the workplace. Combined with his credibility as a practical leadership expert is a sharp intellect and empathy for the difficulties of leadership.” – World Wide Entertainment

His ground-breaking creation and leadership of Australia’s first Arctic expedition, during 1985-86, was an extraordinarily complex $2.5 million (2022) project. Its operation stretched more than halfway around the world, involved eight countries, British royalty, prominent Australian and UK business, political and social leaders, scientific organisations, and a range of commercial sponsors.

In 1987 Earle was appointed Director of the Tall Ships spectacular where the Prime Minister officially opened Australia’s 1988 Bicentenary. It involved management of 500 volunteers, four city councils, plus State and Federal governments and, with more than 1.5 million visitors, was the biggest staged event in Victoria’s history.

“Earle is a motivating, strategic and intelligent leader who leads from the front with an outstanding track record in delivering success. A person of vision and integrity, he truly understands people, builds effective business relationships and willingly shares his expertise.” - Boston Kennedy

His acclaimed book, Savage Coast, now in its second fully revised edition, details wide-ranging challenges of field leadership faced in extreme circumstances. It is held in private collections and libraries worldwide, including the Prince of Wales collection, the Bodleian library in Oxford and the Shakespeare public library in Paris. ‘Savage Coast’ is an exceptional record of leadership through endless uncertainty. It provides invaluable insights for leaders who know they must prepare themselves to face a future of climate catastrophe: with mass migration of refugees and potential terrorism, driven by climate's unprecedented destruction of economies, societies and human life, with no horizon in sight.

“Earle is a fast and sharp thinker with a genuine interest in developing individuals to achieve the most they can.” - Globe Surfer Racing Team

The 1,000th Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Trust Award

The rarely-given Olegas Truchanas Expedition Canoeing Award

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